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American Revolution History by
American Revolution History by
Explore Colonial America and Early American history including the American Revolution, French and Indian War, Pirates, Slavery, War of 1812. features colonial and early American historical content, news, videos and a searchable database with thousands of mapped historic sites.

American Revolution History by

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Colonial America, Pirates, French and Indian War,
The American Revolution and more....

Dispatches - American Revolution History by ColonialAmerica.comDispatches. News and features on historical and archeological study, historical content and preservation focused on the American Revolution, Pirates, French and Indian War, etc. Also, headlines from a number of informative blogs are provided.

ColonialTube - American Revolution History by ColonialAmerica.comColonialTube - American Revolution History by ColonialAmerica.comColonialTube - Coming Soon! View thousands of videos on Colonial and Early America, many of which are organized by topic including Pirates, Religion, the French and Indian War, the New World, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, Early American Government, Patriots and Founders and more.
Calendar - American Revolution History by ColonialAmerica.comCalendar. The calendar list Colonial and Early American themed events nationwide including fairs, lectures, publicly accessible archaeological digs, re-enactments of battles of the American Revolution, French and Indian War and War of 1812 as well as events in history.

Search - American Revolution History by ColonialAmerica.comSearch.Search - American Revolution History by Explore from among thousands of historic sites of the American Revolution and other historic periods across the US and Canada including taverns, inns, mills, battlefields, farms, churches and historic markers -- plus reenactment groups, research libraries and more! Most sites can be mapped along with other nearby historic sites and their respective websites are easily accessible.

Map-themed articles cover selected topics over broad geographic areas. Currently available are:

Headquarters of George Washington
During the American Revolution

Historic and History Trails of Colonial and Early America

American Revolution History by ColonialAmerica.comA deep search across millions of pages among the thousands of sites listed on is also available. This can also be used in searching for images.

Merchant's Wharf - American Revolution History by ColonialAmerica.comMerchant's Wharf.Bunker Hill: A City, a Siege, a Revolution Browse thousands of products covering the American Revolution, Colonial America, the War of 1812, etc. including books, music, videos, art/prints, toys and games, online auctions, etc.
18th Century Queen Anne Table The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789 (Oxford History of the United States) American Revolution (DK Eyewitness Books) Stamp Act Protestors Burning Stamps in New York City Before the American Revolution
Music of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION - The Sounds of Ancient Fifes and Drums Liberty! The American Revolution