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American Revolution History by
American Revolution History by
American Revolution History by

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4th First Congress Under The Constitution Convenes In New York City.
24th Rhode Island Referendum Rejects Constitution
8th Gnadenhutten Massacre
1st Articles Of Confederation Ratified
2nd Maryland Ratifies Articles Of Confederation
9th Battle Of Pensacola Begins
15th Battle Of Guilford Courthouse
16th Battle Of Cape Henry
29th Siege Of Charleston
3rd Battle Of Briar Creek
13th Congress Establishes Army Corps Of Engineers
18th Battle Of Quinton's Bridge
22nd Massacre At Hancock's Bridge
1st Battle Of Nassau
3rd Battle Of Yamacraw Bluff
5th Henry Knox Arrives At Dorchester With 59 Cannon From Fort Ticonderoga
17th British General Howe Evacuates Boston With 6000 Troops And 1000 Loyalists To Avoid Attack By Cannons Deployed At Dorchester
25th Battle Of Saint-pierre
28th Juan Bautista De Anza Founds San Francisco, CA
31st Abigail Adams Write That Women Are "Determined To Foment A Rebellion" If The Declaration Of Independence Doesn't Address Women's Rights.
23rd Patrick Henry Delivers Speech At VA Convention Closes With The Remark "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"
27th Thomas Jefferson Elected To Continental Congress
30th King George Endorses New England Restraining Act Requiring New England Colonies To Trade Exclusively With Great Britain
25th British Parliament Passes The Boston Port Act Closing The Port Of Boston
5th Boston Massacre
18th Stamp Act Repealed
22nd Stamp Act
24th Quartering Act
23rd Battle on Snowshoes
27th Battle of Fort Bull
16th Birth Of James Madison.
1st John Hathorne And Jonathan Corwin, Magistrates Of The Massachusetts Court, Examine Tituba, Sarah Good, And Sarah Osborne, All Accused Of Witchcraft. Tituba Confesses To Practicing Witchcraft.
12th Martha Corey Is Accused Of Witchcraft In Salem, MA
19th Rebecca Nurse Is Accused Of Witchcraft In Salem, MA
28th Elizabeth Proctor Is Accused Of Witchcraft In Salem, MA
4th First Charter Of The Massachusetts Bay Colony Granted
17th Pocohontas Dies In England
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