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American Revolution History by
American Revolution History by
Explore Colonial America and Early American history including the American Revolution, French and Indian War, Pirates, Slavery, War of 1812 and Lewis and Clark. features colonial and early American historical content, news, videos and a searchable database with thousands of mappable historic sites and millions of indexed pages.

American Revolution History by

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Work Begins To Excavate 3,000 Plague Skeletons

Archaeologists have begun excavating some 3,000 skeletons from a 17th century burial ground used during the Great Plague. The grave at the site of the new Liverpool Street station, which will serve the London Crossrail line, was used as a burial ground from 1569 until 1738 and it is hoped tests on excavated victims will enable a better understanding of the disease. "The Bedlam burial ground ...

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American Revolution History by
Strayed or stolen from the pasture of the subscriber, on the night of the 23rd. Thirteen Sheep most of which were marked with a halfpenny over the right and under the left ear; one of them has a black spot on the left side of the neck, and both ears cropped; one young sheep is very remarkable, being all over white, except one of its thighs, which is black, and some of them are lambs, not marked. Whoever will secure the thief, if stolen and return said sheep to the owner, in Johnston, shall receive the above reward, and all reasonable charges, or be handsomely rewarded for the sheep alone, by DANIEL THORNTON.

Johnston, Dec 2, 1779

Whereas I have been absent about 8 months in the West-Indies, and some evil minded persons, taking advantage of my absence, have maliciously reported that I have a wife and family, and I not being present to confute said report it hath prevailed to the injury of my reputation, where I am not personally known; I therefore inform any person or persons who have been active in traducing my character, that the report is absolutely false, as the reporters are malicious; and hereby offer one thousand dollars to any person that will prove I am married, or have had a wife previous to the present date; and I also hereby inform those designing persons who have propagated the above report, that I shall use my endeavors to detect them, and bring them to punishment as the law directs.

Nathan Donne
Smithfield, Nov 25, 1779