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American Revolution History by
American Revolution History by

Recruitment - For King and Country



Who are willing to serve his majesty King George the Third, in defence of their Country, Laws and Constitution, against the usurpations of a tyrannical Congress, have now not only an Opportunity of manifesting their Spirit, by assisting in reducing to Obedience their too-long deluded Countrymen, but also of acquiring the polite Accomplishments of a Soldier, by serving only two years, or during the present Rebellion in America.

Such spirited Fellows, who are willing to engage, will be rewarded at the End of the War, besides their Laurels, with 50 acres of Land, where every gallant Hero may retire and enjoy his Bottle and Lass.

Each Volunteer will receive, as a Bounty, FIVE DOLLARS, besides Arms, Clothing and Accoutrements, and every other Requisite proper to accommodate a Gentleman Solider, by applying here.